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History of insect research and Figbird insectivory in Far North Queensland→

[Research paper: James Franklin Illingworth in Far North Queensland, 1917-1921: ‘useful birds’ and an overlooked record of insectivory in the Australasian Figbird, Sphecotheres vieilloti (pdf 2.4 MB)]

Bromfield Swamp history →

[Research paper: ‘A wonderful swamp’: Military ornithologists and others at Bromfield Swamp, Atherton Tablelands, 1914-1967 (pdf 2.6 MB)]. Co-author A. Frank Austin, Jnr.

Mt Bartle Frere, 1945 →

[Cairns Historical Society Bulletin: Captain Austin, Sergeant Barnett and birds on Mt Bartle Frere, 1945 (pdf 589 KB)]. Co-author A. Frank Austin, Jnr.

Mt Bartle Frere, 1945: referenced →

[Referenced version: Captain Austin, Sergeant Barnett and birds on Mt Bartle Frere, 1945 (no images: pdf 203 KB)]. Co-author A. Frank Austin, Jnr.

Yellow-legged Flycatcher →

[Research paper: Revisiting history: The case of the Wet Tropics Yellow-legged Flycatcher (pdf 2.1 MB)]. Co-authors Lloyd Nielsen and Ben Wallace

Jim Bravery's cranes →

[Research paper: Jim Bravery's cranes: Brolgas and Sarus Cranes on the Atherton Tablelands, 1920-1975 (pdf 2.5 MB)]

21 years, Sarus Crane & Brolga counts →

[Research paper: Numbers, distribution and behaviour of Australian Sarus Cranes Antigone antigone gillae and Brolgas A. rubicunda at wintering roosts on the Atherton Tablelands, far north Queensland, Australia (pdf 2 MB)]. Co-authors Tim Nevard, Graham Harrington, Ceinwen Edwards, Virginia Simmonds and Don Franklin

Sarus Crane ‘triplets’ →

[Research paper: First observations of Australian Sarus Crane Antigone antigone gillae pairs attending three young and the incidence of three-egg clutches in the Brolga A. rubicunda (pdf 760 KB)]. Co-authors John D. A. Grant (and N. Glenn Holmes, dec.)

Brolga preying on Grebe eggs →

[Research paper: First observation of a Brolga Antigone rubicunda preying on eggs and of ‘water-kicking’ behaviour by Australasian Grebes Tachybaptus novaehollandiae as a nest-defence (pdf 1.4 MB)]. Co-author Helen Dunne

Sympatric cranes breeding, abstract →

[Research paper: Sympatric cranes in northern Australia: abundance, breeding success, habitat preference and diet. Full paper available by request]. Co-authors K. S. Gopi Sundar, John D. A. Grant, Inka Veltheim, Swati Kittur, Kate Brandis, Michael McCarthy

Ozcranes →

[Website for Australian and New Guinea researchers, farmers, catchment workers and bird observers involved with Brolgas and Sarus Cranes]

Living Springs →

Family intranet (password required).

Marysville images 1970-2000 →

[Personal images before the devastating bushfires of 2009]